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Here is some free stuff that I’ve made over the years. I’m a big fan of CC BY-SA 4.0.


Collaborative Worldbuilding

A guide on collaborative worldbuilding and character generation.

Public Domain Art Sources

A list of great public domain art sources, with a link to public domain art folder.

Lulu Book Recommendations

A list of great print-on-demand books from Lulu.

Module Recommendations

Some adventures & settings that I love!

The Dungeon Game

A simple wargame/rpg to play with young children.

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A mash-up of Knave and Into the Odd-style games for play in fantastical forests. Designed in such a way to plug-and-play B/X materials (as much as I liked, anyway) while relying on a simpler mechanical system without difficulty in conversion.

The Clay Shelf

An adventure for Into The Odd: Electric Bastionland, set in the Deep Country, far from the civilized domains of Bastion.

The Positronic Library

A simple adventure site for Into The Odd: Electric Bastionland, or similar rules-lite OSR games.

Into The Odd Syllabus

When I started running Into The Odd, I again found a system with a veritable bouquet of excellent tools, hacks, tips & resources, but no single place to keep all of the relevant links! And thus the Syllabus was born.

Into The Odd Content

A massive list of oddities, careers, monsters and hacks for Into The Odd.

The Arcanist (Into The Dungeon: Revived)

An overpowered alternative magic user.


One Shot World

One Shot World is a hack of Dungeon World that removes most of the long-form mechanics and replaces them with simple rules designed to facilitate one-shots and short campaigns. There are also some useful tools in the GM Booklet (session starters, worldbuilding tips, etc) that would work for other systems, as well.

Dungeon World Syllabus

When I first discovered Dungeon World, I was overwhelmed by the incredible amount of 3rd-party resources, playbooks, hacks, etc that folks had built for the system. So I decided to chronicle my findings. Over the years, this document has become the go-to point of reference for many new GMs & players alike.

Keys for Dungeon World

Keys are goals, ties, beliefs, or vows a character has. They are meant to replace Alignment or Drives completely. Shamelessly stolen from better designers.

Alternative Location Rules For Dungeon World

A fairly concrete method for treating locations as monsters.

The Sorcerer Playbook for Dungeon World

An alternative spellcasting playbook to the Wizard, that doesn’t require spell memorization, and uses CHA as a prime stat. I’m pretty proud of the move titles.


Generations | Pocketmod

A game about a generation ship, and the factions (and subsequent generations) living within.

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