The Cairn 2e Kickstarter Page is Live!


The Cairn 2e Kickstarter Page is Live!

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What Is?

The Kickstarter for the Cairn 2e Box Set will “go live” for backers sometime in late March.
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The Player’s Guide

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Featuring the same rules you already know but with some minor tweaks and clarifications, three new procedures for play, and 20 boutique backgrounds for generating interesting and weird characters. Also, a ton of really beautiful art from Keny Widjaja and Amanda Lee Franck! This is available right now and is entering its final editing stages. This book will be available at cost as an add-on and in the future. And yes the text will still be CC-BY-SA 4.0!

The Warden’s Guide

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Packed to the brim with advice, resources and procedures for running Cairn (and other old school games). And yes the text will still be CC-BY-SA 4.0!

A list of topics covered include:

  • Dungeons
  • Pointcrawls
  • Forestcrawls
  • Bestiary
  • Spellbooks
  • Reliquary
  • Advice
  • FAQ
  • Examples
  • Conversions
  • Settings
  • Backgrounds
  • Vald
  • Factions

Starting Adventure

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Written by me, and illustrated by Ari-Matti Toivonen and Adam Hensley. This is the first “official” Cairn adventure, and part of an ongoing series with lots more to come. It’s long! It’s got lots going on! It’s got dungeons!

Tear-off Character Sheets!

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A GM Screen!

Unfortunately I’m not ready to give away the image to this just yet. But I can tell you it’ll have five panels and folds up real nice…


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