Cairn 2e Playtest, Kickstarter Updates, & More!


Cairn 2e Playtest, Kickstarter Updates, & More!

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Cairn 2e Kickstarter

First, the good news: Cairn 2e has a new publisher! Earlier this year, we were very sad to learn that LFOSR would no longer be able to publish the Cairn 2e box set! Well, we are very happy to officially announce that Space Penguin Ink will be our new publisher! We are so excited to be working with them, and frankly we can’t imagine doing it any other way. They have the expertise and skills to make this thing really sing… and that’s where the bad news comes in. We have decided delay the Kickstarter until March, 2024.


I know, I know. Honestly, pushing it forward (or is it back… I always forget?) will ensure that the box set is everything we want it to be — and more.

Basic Box Set

The contents of the box set have not changed, but I am happy to provide some more details at this time:

  • Player’s Guide (staple-bound if possible)
  • Warden’s Guide (hardcover chonky boy)
  • Tear-off character sheets
  • Starting adventure
  • Optional extra copies of the Player’s Guide, printed at cost

Stretch Goals We Might Cram In At No Extra Cost

  • GM screen by Bruno Prosaiko
  • Adventure anthology (Brad Kerr, Amanda P. Zedeck Siew… and more!)
  • Online Setting generator (like that cool one for Mothership)
  • Arts-n-craft tokens! Really! Maybe.
  • Localization (as many languages as we can)

A few more updates:

  • Amanda Lee Franck has been hired to do some interior art & a bestiary for the Warden’s Guide
  • The online character generator/Keeper is nearing beta
  • Art for backgrounds is expected in early November
  • Writing for the Warden’s Guide is in full swing

Playtest Status

Earlier this year we released the first update to our Player’s Guide, an 80+ page rulebook for the upcoming Cairn 2nd edition. Since that time, we’ve been very busy playtesting, fixing typos, testing new procedures, and working on the Warden’s Guide.

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Get The PDF

The player’s guide playtest URL is still the same.


  • New: Downtime procedures! In Cairn! Go to town!
  • Two new character sheets!
  • Typos, mostly in Backgrounds
  • “Balancing” in backgrounds (inventory slots, items)
  • Skin changes! Check them out
  • Fixed items missing petty and bulky tags
  • Lots of rules clarification around damage, combat, and dying
  • Spellbooks have been moved to the Warden’s Guide
  • Spellbook descriptions now appear in relevant backgrounds
  • Clarified Scars AGAIN (this is becoming the Herobrine of 2e)


We are still interested the following types of feedback:

  • Obvious typos
  • Rules clarification
  • Play reports

Additionally, we are asking that feedback is only submitted in one of two ways:

Beyond The Pale

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And finally: my Cairn adventure Beyond The Pale has a Kickstarter project page! Published by Lost Pages, Beyond The Pale is an old school adventure inspired by Jewish folklore and mysticism. I first started writiing it two years ago, and I am so very excited to share it with the world. The writing, art, and layout are complete, we are just shuffling a few things around in prepartion for print. The PDF will be available as soon as the 15-day Kickstarter ends.

Please click that “notify on launch” button to if you want to get… notified on launch!

One More Thing

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The End

That’s all for now - thanks for reading. I’ll leave you all for now, as I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep…

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