Eclectic Bastion Jam Is Over!


Our month-long Eclectic Bastion Jam is finally over! The Jam was a resounding success, with 61 entries in total (though I’m aware of a few submissions that didn’t make the deadline). We had everything from short (but sweet) Failed Careers, to completely original games filling more than 80 pages! There are far too many excellent submissions for me cover here, but I have taken the liberty of organizing the entries into their respective categories.

Failed Careers & Play Aids

Electric Wizards Beneath The Living Stars      
Wages For The Dead MILLIAMP      
Bird Wizard English Bastionland      
I Remember True Light Scatomancer      
Commercial Muralist Light Housekeeper      
Thugs Guild Journeyman Ex-Carpet Seller      
Lightning Conductor Ghost Impersonator      
Deep Sea Diver        

NPCs & Encounters

Fifty Bastionards The Last Jousting Tournament      
All About Gum Itinerant Travellers      
Three For Bastionland Odd Beings      
d6 Machines        

Adventures & Boroughs

The Clay Shelf The Far Wharf
Into The Rust Belt Visiting Lutwiler Nexus
Bastion - Upper West Glis Cities Of The New Weird Rise Up!
Labour Exchange Faremont
Last Quarter - Electric Bastionland The Brothers Compote
The UrCarnival Hidden Shrine of Setebos
The Waste Forest  

Items & Alternate Settings

Crawling Bastions Metroplex
Deepest Country Bastion, a Friendly Guide to the most Electric City
Bastion Swap Meet Papa Pendleton’s Patented Pork-Pimenton Jam Product

Games & Hacks

QZ Weird North
Into The Rave Nekrovon: Into The Beyond
Carapace Into The Depths
Maximum Recursion Depth The Diabolical Dossier
ANNA-X66 Striders SRD
Eldritch Investigationland The Labyrinth of Verra
112 Loathsome High School Stereotypes Into The Hollow
Sky Whalers of Jupiter Squires Errant
Into The Chopper Cormorant
  Trash Goblins
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