The Racial Justice Itch Bundle


You’ve likely already heard about the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality hosted by in the wake of mass protests against police brutality and institutional racism. I highly recommend it - there are a whole bunch terrific indie RPGs and indie video games included, and the list keeps growing (at present there are 1637+ items from nearly 1000 creators). Here is a terrific front-end someone made for the bundle; I found it very helpful.

Below is an ongoing list of interesting tabletop RPG products included in the bundle that usually cost money, and are of at least a passing interest to me; some I own already but think you should know about it, too. I’ll try and keep it up to date as this goes on (last update: June 12th, 2020).


In The Light of a Ghost Star

In The Light of a Setting Sun: Saddlebag Edition

Agents of the Odd


Ironsworn: Delve

Cage of Sand

Goblins in Shadow


The Glass Dream Game

Fair Winds and Following Seas

The Ground Itself

Honey In The Rafters (Mausritter)

The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra

Corvid Court

Blades in The Dark

Ex Novo

Chronicles of the Spacejammer, Vol 1: Spacejamming Freebooters

Fronds of Benevolence (Troika!)

Galaxy Goons

Saviors of Hogtown

Bakto’s Terrifying Cuisine


Troika! Numinous Edition

The Boughs (Dungeon World)


The NPC With A Thousand Faces



Yokai Hunters Society

The Synth Convergence (The Sprawl)

For The Dungeon

Catch The Devil

One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk


Damn the Man, Save the Music!

High Fructose Hyperspace

Lowcountry Crawl

Na Escuridão (In the Darkness)

Penicillin Issues 1-3

A Warm & Pleasant Hum

A Wizard

Beneath The Canals

The Land of Pán-gǔ 盤古之地

VIDEOSTORE - A Monster of the Week Double Feature

The Gateshead Engine

The Curse of the House of Rookwood

Subway Runners

Gourmet Street: Fantasy Food Adventuring

10 People You Meet In The Undergarden (Troika!)

The Bloody Handed Name of Bronze


Alone in the Ancient City

Strike! RPG: Tactical Combat and Heedless Adventure

Before The Beginning

Build Your Own Apocalypse

The Cat Hack


Chiron’s Doom

Hardship River

Our Hero Neighbors

Two Years of Mini-RPGs by Emojk

Wandering Dreams


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